Will Stirling – Publisher – UK Manufacturing Review

Posted On: June 28, 2017

Carl has crystallised 18-years of frustration with manufacturing companies’ poor attitude to marketing into a useful book. Many of the things he says resonate with what I have heard; UK companies focus solely on the engineering but not enough on the branding, marketing and sales, which directors hope will take care of themselves. My own experience is more with the paucity of high calibre sales people in UK manufacturing but reading this, the problem is clearly mirrored in marketing too. Once you get into the book it has some useful points that SME owner managers should heed, e.g. on treating marketing strategically, making full use of past customer records and over-reliance on CRM software to ‘do the marketing’. This is a very useful book that will draw company owners’ attention to the power of marketing and the difference it could make to their company’s sales. Well worth reading.

Author: carljarvis